How many chapters of Phi Sigma Sigma are there?

115 collegiate chapters115 collegiate chapters and more than 100 alumnae chapters, clubs and associations across the United States and Canada.

How many chapters does Sigma Sigma Sigma have?


Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority has 111 active chapters.

How many chapters does Sigma have?

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How many Phi Sigma Kappa chapters are there?

Phi Sigma Kappa (ΦΣK), colloquially known as Phi Sig or PSK, is a men’s social and academic fraternity with approximately 90 active chapters and colonies in North America.

What is Phi Sigma Sigma known for?

Founded in 1913 in New York City at Hunter College, Phi Sigma Sigma is internationally recognized as a successful women’s philanthropic and social organization. Our mission is to inspire the personal development of each sister and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood.

Which sorority has the most chapters?

10 Largest Sororities by Active Chapters

  • Alpha Omicron Pi: 184 active chapters.
  • Alpha Gamma Delta: 182 active chapters.
  • Gamma Phi Beta: 173 active chapters.
  • Chi Omega: 171 active chapters.
  • Delta Zeta: 160 active chapters.
  • Zeta Tau Alpha: 157 active chapters.
  • Alpha Phi: 154 active chapters.
  • Delta Gamma: 146 active chapters.

Which fraternity has the most chapters?

By mapping thousands of chapters across 794 campuses, we determined which fraternities are most common in each state. Alpha Phi Alpha, which was founded at Cornell in 1906, has at least 290 active chapters, more than any other fraternity, according to data available on

What sorority was Betty White in?

Alpha Gamma Delta – Wikipedia.

What is Tri Sigma known for?

Check out Tri Sigma! Tri Sigma, also known as Sigma Sigma Sigma, is a National American women’s sorority that provides scholarship, programming, social, and service activities.