What are the acts called in our town?

What is act I called in Our Town?

Play Summary. Act I, which Wilder calls “Daily Life,” is a re-creation of the normal daily activities found in a small New Hampshire town. The act opens with the appearance of the Stage Manager, who speaks directly to the audience.

How many acts are in Our Town?

three acts

When Emily looses her life in childbirth, the circle of life portrayed in each of the three acts of Our Town–growing up, adulthood, and death–is fully realized. Wilder offers a couple of chairs on a bare stage as the backdrop for an exploration of the universal human experience.

What do the three acts in Our Town represent?

The Stages of Life

The division of the play’s narrative action into three acts reflects Wilder’s division of human life into three parts: birth, love and marriage, and death.

What is the name of act 2 in Our Town?

Love and Marriage.

The Stage Manager tells us that the first act was called “Daily Life,” and that this second act is entitled “Love and Marriage.” He says that a third act will follow, and that the audience can guess what that act will be about.

What is act 2 about in Our Town?

It makes life in “our town” seem more familiar, more predictable. In Act II, however, these typical events occur on a wedding day. A young boy cannot understand why his high school hero can give up baseball in order to marry. The father of the groom teases the mother and reminds her of their own wedding day.

What is act One of Our Town about?

Act I: Daily Life

Joe Crowell delivers the paper to Doc Gibbs, Howie Newsome delivers the milk, and the Webb and Gibbs households send their children (Emily and Wally Webb, George and Rebecca Gibbs) off to school on this beautifully simple morning. Professor Willard speaks to the audience about the history of the town.

How old was Emily when she died in Our Town?


Wistfully, Emily, who is only twenty-six at the time of her death, realizes that she is out of place in the familiar scene.

What is Our Town theme?

Our Town is a play that shares the idea that we live life without really appreciating what it has to offer. Once we die, and are able to see what we had, it is really too late. Major themes of the play include mortality, appreciating life, companionship and marriage, love, and the circle of life.