What materials did Rex Ray use?

REX RAY (Sept. 11, 1956—Feb. 9, 2015) was an American artist best known for his innovative pop aesthetic in fine and commercial art—on canvases, wood panels, album covers, paper, book jackets, murals, and rock and roll posters.

What was Rex Ray inspired by?

The Life History Of Rex Ray

Mr. Ray moved to San Francisco in 1981 to attend the San Francisco Art Institute where he received his BFA in 1989. He was inspired by Andy Warhol and adopted the moniker ‘Rex Ray’ to start anew.

Why did Rex Ray change his name?

He changed his name to Rex Ray in order to start anew and be free of his past. By the early 1990s he started a professional fine art practice. Ray had been one of the first artists to use Mac computer-based technology to create his art.

Where did Rex Ray work?

Ray, a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, has been immersed in pop culture since his days as a record clerk at Tower Records. Now his client list is a catalog of today’s industry giants: Apple, DreamWorks, Sony Music and Warner Brothers to name just a few.

What paper did Rex rays use?

During his lifetime Rex Ray generated a prolific body of painting and works on paper. His technique involved a complicated process that combined Xerography, handmade woodblock prints, newsprint, and magazine images into vibrant color schemes with parabolic forms and abstract patterns.