What was the purpose of Cezanne’s the basket of apples?

Cézanne recognised that human perspective is far more complex than viewing an object from a frozen point in time. Instead, he created a representation of sight in motion, with objects viewed from varying viewpoints. With this aim, he deconstructed the image, by carefully suggesting different perspectives.

What was remarkable about Paul Cézanne’s work the basket of apples?

With The Basket Of Apples, Paul Cezanne revived the unfashionable genre of Still Life and breathed new life into the field. The 1893 work was an oil painting, but it subverted the genre basically by trying to be less slavishly accurate than previous artists.

Is Paul Cézanne’s basket of apples a still life?

The Basket of Apples is a still life oil painting by French artist Paul Cézanne.

What are the elements of the basket of apples?

About this artwork
Thus, The Basket of Apples contains one of his signature tilted tables, an impossible rectangle with no right angles. On it, a basket of apples pitches forward from a slablike base, seemingly balanced by the bottle and the tablecloth’s thick, sculptural folds.

How much is the basket of apples painting worth?

Paul Cezanne 1839-1906 The Basket of Apples 1893, valued at 100 million,the most expensive apples ever | Celebrity art, Paul cezanne, Painting.

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