Who dictated the Favoured religion?

Who dictated the favored religion? The reigning monarchs (kings and queens) decided the religion.

Who dictated the favored religion Elizabethan England?

Reigning Monarchs dictated the ‘favoured’ religion.

How did Queen Elizabeth treat Catholics?

Her formula was simple – if the Catholics were loyal to the Queen and discreet in their worship, she would tolerate them. However, Bishops had been instructed to remove all forms of Catholic practices as witnessed in services by clergy.

How was religion divided in the Elizabethan era?

Some Elizabethans were strong supporters of the Protestant reformation, some were staunchly Catholic, some were ambivalent, and some still practiced a stricter form of Christianity, Puritanism.

What does Shakespeare’s work provide a reference for?

38. What does Shakespeare’s work provide reference for? Since people of all classes attended plays, playwrights needed to use stories, characters and words that would appeal to everybody. The best way to do this was to use mythology and folklore that was sometimes, but not always, of Christian origin.

What was the religion of Elizabethan England?

The major two religions in Elizabethan England were Catholic and Protestant religions, Choosing the “wrong” religion brought risks to personal wealth, freedom, and life. Schools taught these “favored” religions; if you did not practices these religions then it would lead to great danger: Imprisonment, Torture.