Why is Antigone important?

Antigone is an important follower of tradition and does not want to displease the gods or the dead. This means that Antigone will do anything possible to help her brother, even if it means being harmed innocently. In addition, Antigone commits more faultless actions that result in the death of her.

How is Antigone important today?

The ideas Sophocles presents in Antigone have relevance in today’s world, and indicate that modern society is not as advanced as we believe. The problems of gender equality, democratic voice, and religious faith still resonate today. Antigone attempts to show the strength women have in the face of male authority.

What does the play Antigone teach us?

What can be learned from the tragedy of Antigone? At least this: When fellow citizens become enemies, their bonds of friendship and family are weakened if not destroyed. When primary identity is reduced to “us” and “them,” the definition of justice narrows. It becomes simply what helps “us” and harms “them.”

What is the main message of Antigone?

The message of Antigone is told by the Choragos to the audience at the end of the play. It means that those that those who lack wisdom cannot ever truly be happy. This wisdom has to come to them in submission to the gods. Big words, also known as hubris, are always punished.

What makes Antigone special?

He will sacrifice people, even his loved ones in order to maintain his power. The only thing Antigone cares about is that her brother gets a proper burial and is not left dead outside of the gates. So, she does what she needs to do and goes against Creon’s law and accepts her death for it.

Why is Antigone a tragic hero?

Antigone is a hero because she remains true both to the Gods and her brother. Even when faced with death, she refuses to go against either one, choosing to end her own life. Thus, she seals her testimony with her own blood and dies a tragic hero.

Are there universal themes in Antigone that are relevant today?

Antigone has themes that are not only universal but also applicable to this day. Sophocles has put a few intriguing themes in Antigone that display his understanding of those concepts and ideas of his time.