Can we install puppet master on Windows?

To install Puppet, simply download and run the installer, which is a standard Windows . msi package and will run as a graphical wizard. The installer must be run with elevated privileges. Installing Puppet does not require a system reboot.

Can we install Puppet on Windows?

A: Puppet Server cannot be installed on a traditional Windows machine. Instead, you install agents on your Windows node (desktop, server, virtual machine etc) and manage it with a Linux machine. You can operate this Linux machine remotely from your Windows machine.

How do I install Puppet master on Windows 10?

Read the pre-install tasks.

  1. Download the Windows puppet-agent package. Puppet’s Windows packages can be found here. You need the most recent package for your OS’s architecture: …
  2. Install Puppet. You can install Puppet with a graphical wizard or on the command line.

How do I run Puppet agent on Windows?

On Windows, log in as an administrator, and start the configuration run by selecting Start -> Run Puppet Agent. If Windows prompts for User Account Control confirmation, click Yes. The status result of the run is shown in a command prompt window.

How do I install Puppet master?

Installing Puppet

  1. Enable the Puppet platform repository. Enable the Puppet platform on Yum. Enable the Puppet platform on Apt.
  2. Install Puppet Server.
  3. Install Puppet agent.
  4. Install PuppetDB (optional)

Is there a free version of Puppet?

Open source Puppet is free for use and open to modification and customization. You get a comprehensive tool with core CM capabilities and functionality out-of-the-box, and—if you possess the skill set— can be tweaked and improved upon directly through modifying its source code directly.