Can you buy tickets at the Fox Theater?

Can I reserve tickets over the phone? If you would like to purchase tickets by phone, please contact the Fox Theatre at (855) 285-8499 or you can purchase tickets online. Tickets may also be purchased in person at the Fox Theatre Ticket Office.

How should I dress for the Fox Theater?

Anything goes. over a year ago. It’s casual. Most people were in jeans.

Where is the best place to sit at the Fox Theater in St Louis?

louis? Seating in orchestra sections is usually located at the same level as stage sections, ensuring the audience is seated at the same level.It is common to find Center Orchestra section seats near the back of the house in most cases.

How early should I get to the Fox?

We recommend that you arrive approximately 30 minutes before show time to be seated before the performance starts. 2. Please do not leave your seat during the performance. If you need assistance during the show, please see the nearest usher.

What do you wear to a fox?

There is no specific dress code for events at The Fox according to popular belief. Usually, there will be a dressier crowd at some events, such as opening nights for plays or musicals, since most people enjoy attending dress up nights.

Is Hamilton Cancelled in St Louis?

ST. LOUIS — Thursday night’s “Hamilton” show in St.