Can you eat small courgettes?

Picked small and firm they are so delicious that you can slice them thinly, dress them with oil and lemon and eat them raw. When they get a little larger you can cook them in a fantastic variety of ways.

Why are my courgettes very small?

Zucchini problem 3: Poor pollination.

If there aren’t enough pollinators present, puny or deformed fruits are the result. If your zucchini are mal-formed and stubby on the blossom end, poor pollination is the most pressing of your zucchini growing problems.

What size should a courgette be when you pick it?

Pick the courgettes when they’re young and tasty, 10–12.5cm (4–5in) long. Regular harvesting, when the fruits are small, will encourage more to form. The flowers can also be harvested, and have a mild courgette flavour.

How do you know if a courgette is toxic?

But how can gardeners tell if their vegetables are toxic? ‘It’s only by taste,’ says Barter. ‘If you are worried, I’d recommend cutting off a tiny slither to taste – raw or cooked – and if there is the slightest hint of bitterness, discard the fruit immediately and remove the plant in question from your garden.

Why are some courgettes toxic?

It turns out courgettes can become laced with natural toxins called cucurbitacins under stressful growing conditions, or due to accidental cross-pollination. It’s meant to be extremely rare.

How do you know if a courgette is ready to pick?

The correct size to pick depends on variety, but as a rule, harvest courgettes when they’re 10cm (4in). Use a sharp knife to sever the fruit from the plant. Courgettes are best eaten fresh or can be stored for a few days in the fridge.