How do you fasten MiraTEC?

A combination of nails and glue can also be used to fasten 2˝ MiraTEC batten. Treat all other applications per the full MiraTEC Application Instructions, such as inside and outside corners, butt joints and horizontal applications.

How do you fasten MiraTEC trim?

Quote from video: You'll want to use a hammer or power nail gun. Beginning at one end moving across each piece to the other side. Instead of moving towards the center from both ends.

Do you need to prime MiraTEC?

Prime and paint all raw and field cut ends of MiraTEC trim which will be exposed to the weather. Use a high quality exterior primer and paint formulated for use on composite wood. 2. Coat all surfaces including the bottom edge.

Is MiraTEC waterproof?

Competitive and long term performance testing shows MiraTEC resists moisture, rot and termites and outperforms the competition in several key areas: Moisture resistant: As measured by ASTM D1037 for water absorption and thickness swelling.

What is MiraTEC used for?

MiraTEC provides the perfect accent to any exterior cladding – cement fiber, vinyl, brick, OSB, hardboard, wood or stucco. Plus, it’s easy to handle, cut, machine and nail. No special tools are required.

Can you screw into MiraTEC?

MiraTEC trim is designed to be applied to structural framing, sheathing and other materials. * note: nail at least 1/2˝ from the edge. Do not nail into the edges of Miratec trim. For facia and soffit applications, Miratec trim must be double nailed and fastened a minimum of 24˝ on center.