How do you make a paper mouth puppet?

How do you make a hand puppet with a moving mouth with paper?

Quote from video: You can use a regular piece. And we're going to fold this in thirds. Long ways so to fold it in thirds I fold one side over to just about right there. I pull the other side to just about right here.

How do you make a puppet mouth?

Quote from video: And now we see that when we open it up the two flaps are covering it from the outside. And we can open and close the puppet. And we'll see the white on the inside this will be the mouth of the puppet.

How do you make a puppet with a movable mouth?

Quote from video: Head take a piece of colored a4 paper or card and fold the two long sides inwards. So they just overlap. Put glue along one of these outer edges and stick the two sides.

How do you make a puppet step by step?

Quote from video: You have around the house. Kids can create simple no soak sock puppets let me show you how you will need a sock yarn googly eyes or buttons craft or felt glue a pom-pom felt marker and scissors to

What can you use for puppet mouth?

Quote from video: And it works pretty much the same way I'll show you how I make this to start off with a piece of foam and trace the mouth plate. Cut it out measure hand in about the middle. And Mark it on both sides.

How do you make a sock puppet mouth?

Quote from video: First turn your sock inside out and then place it heel. Side down on the table. Now we're going to make a mouth plate an easy way to make an oval mouth plate take a plastic cup like this squeeze.

How do you make a mouth mechanism?

Quote from video: And then another piece of board is going to make the mouth like that so we're going to drill hole through there and screw it on permanently. Take the drill and straight through into the stick.