How long does Magic Flute last?

How long is Magic Flute at the Met?

One hour and 40 minutes

Run time. One hour and 40 minutes long with no intermission.

Why is The Magic Flute so popular?

It has amazing costumes. From Evil Queens to Bird People, the characters in The Magic Flute are as diverse as they are memorable. The lavish costumes mix old-school glamour and vintage mid-century nostalgia that look stunning on the whole cast.

How does The Magic Flute end?

Meanwhile, Monostatos has joined forces with the Queen of the Night, but their plan to kill Sarastro is foiled by an earthquake. The opera ends with Sarastro, Tamino, and Pamina celebrating the victory of light over darkness.

Is The Magic Flute homophonic?

This movement is scored for two oboes, two bassoons, two horns in B flat, and strings. There are no flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones or timpani. The predominant texture is melody-dominated homophony, with the melody line being accompanied by a homophonic texture.

How long is the opera Cinderella?

95 minutes

That poignant question is at the core of Massenet’s 1899 opera “Cendrillon,” which opened on Friday at the Metropolitan Opera in English translation as “Cinderella” — a holiday offering trimmed to 95 minutes and aimed at families.