How long is the Rite of Spring ballet?

about 40 minutesabout 40 minutes, and is divided into two parts. It has the subtitle “Pictures from Pagan Russia”. Stravinsky had the idea of composing music which was about country people from old times in Russia who danced a fertility rite.

How long is The Rite of Spring?

about 35 minutes

The duration of the work is about 35 minutes.

What type of ballet is The Rite of Spring?

classical ballet

The Rite of Spring is a link between classical ballet and modern dance.

How many bassoons are in The Rite of Spring?

5 bassoons

Instrumentation: 5 flutes (2 doubling on piccolo), 5 oboes (2 doubling on English horn), 5 clarinets, 5 bassoons; 8 horns, 5trumpets, 3 trombones, 2 tubas; strings; percussion.