How much does it cost to pledge Kappa Alpha Psi?

Pay annual dues of $150.00 plus applicable reactivation fee.

How much are dues for Kappa Alpha Psi?

$150 per man

National Dues
$150 per man, per year. (half in the spring if joining in the fall). These help keep the Order running. Your dues, among hundreds of other ways, help start new chapters, give resources to our chapters, and more, and when others join, their dues benefit the Order as a whole too.

How long is the pledging process for Kappa Alpha Psi?


Requirements for Membership
To become a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, students must first apply for and be admitted into a six-week pledge process during which information about the organization is learned.

How do I join Kappa Alpha Psi alumni?

Mobile Alumni ChapterBecome a Member

  1. Acceptable qualities of Kappa Alpha Psi members include:
  2. Requirements for Intake: Any male having graduated from an accredited four (4) year educational institution may petition for membership into this Chapter.
  3. Three letters of recommendation from Financial Kappa men.