Is Hayley Westenra still singing?

What does Hayley Westenra do now?

Westenra is active in contributing to charities around the world.

Why did Hayley Westenra stop singing?

Having seen a “chubby” picture of herself, Hayley began obsessing about food, and it wasn’t long before she was in the throes of an eating disorder. Then, a bout of bronchitis forced her to abandon her UK tour, and the broken singer came home to Christchurch – where her life fell apart.

Is Hayley Westenra still married?

Westenra has been married once before, to French-born Arnaud Sabard. The couple wed in 2013 but earlier this year were reported to have split up. It’s unclear when she began her relationship with Gaelen but she first posted about him on Instagram on January 3.

What happened to Alex Parks?

Alex Parks (series 2)

Since the show she’s fallen off the face of the planet. The star – who apparently now goes by the name Lexi Parks – released her second album Honesty in 2005 and rumour has it she was last spotted at the Music Sales Film & TV Songwriters Week with none other than The X Factor’s Joe McElderry.

Where does the name Westenra come from?

Westenra is an Irish surname, derived from the Dutch van Wassenaer. Notable people with the surname include: Derrick Westenra, 5th Baron Rossmore (1853–1921), Irish soldier and author.

When did Hayley Westenra leave Celtic Woman?

Hayley Westenra

She joined in August 2006 and was featured on Celtic Woman: A New Journey CD and DVD, toured on their 2007 Spring Tour, and was also featured on their DVD, The Greatest Journey: Essential Collection, released in 2008. After the Spring Tour ended, Hayley left to return to her solo career.