What are Broadway premium seats?

What does premium mean for Broadway tickets?

Premium Seats and Premium Tickets

The Broadway Tickets for these seats are usually priced between $150- $450 each, well above the normal full price of any orchestra ticket.

What do premium tickets mean?

AXS Premium tickets give all fans safe and easy access to incredible tickets at market driven prices for many of the most popular events. These in-demand tickets to concerts and other events are made available by artists and event organizers through AXS.

What is the best seat in a Broadway theater?

The best seats in the Orchestra are those sitting most centrally, and a few rows back from the front. These are also some of the most expensive seats in the house thanks to their detailed and comprehensive views. Prices slowly decrease towards the back and sides to reflect the varying quality.

What are upgraded seats Broadway?

You may upgrade your renewable season seats at the Pantages and/or Dolby Theatres. To change seats for the 2019-20 Season shows, which include THE BAND’S VISIT, Lerner & Loewe’s MY FAIR LADY, and MEAN GIRLS, you may simply exchange seats at anytime. CLICK HERE to exchange. Seating is based on availability.

What are house seats for Broadway?

“House seats” are some of the best seats in the theater, set aside for use by cast members, producers, the creative team, and others directly involved in the production. When house seats for a particular performance are released, they are sold to the general public just like any other tickets.

What are house seats at a Broadway show?

Every show on Broadway holds a certain number of seats offsale to the general public called “house seats”. They are reserved for the authors, producers, cast, theater owners, etc. and are generally released 48 hours prior to each performance if not used.

What is premium aisle seating?

Now labeled as “premium aisle seats,” the seat at the end of each row and as many as three additional seats further into the row are being promoted on Ticketmaster as an option for fans who are looking to “enjoy the convenience of easy access to refreshments, restrooms and venue exits.”

How much is a Broadway ticket?

$20 to $175

Broadway shows offer tickets at many different price points. Regular Price tickets generally range from $20 to $175. You can expect to pay higher prices for the best seats to hit shows on weekend nights.