What are the characters in Nang shadow puppet?

The popular characters are the stock clowns, such as Ai Nol, Ai Tong, Al Muang, and Ai Klang. They offer obscene humour, often characteristic of nang talung and always loved by the audience.

What are the characteristics of nang talung?

It is popular in various cultures. ‘Nang Talung’ is folk entertainment using perforated animal skin into a small shape of character, using a stick pinch the figure and displaying shadow figures on a back-lighted white screen playing together with Pi (oboe), Klong (drum), and Mong (gong).

What is the costume of Nang shadow puppet?

Nang yai (Thai: หนังใหญ่, pronounced [nǎŋ jàj]) is a form of shadow play found in Thailand. Puppets are made of painted buffalo hide, while the story is narrated by songs, chants and music.

Which of the following is the teacher and presenter of nang talung?

The nai nang is the puppet master of South Thailand’s nang talung. He uses small, translucent shadow figures to perform in Songkla, Phattalung, and Nakhon Si Thammarat areas. He is the head of the nine person troupe.

What are the two types of Nang shadow play?

In Cambodia, the shadow play is called Nang Sbek Thom, or simply as Sbek Thom (literally “large leather hide”), Sbek Touch (“small leather hide”) and Sbek Por (“colored leather hide”).

What is the characteristics of wayang kulit?

Wayang kulit combines deep spiritual meaning, entertaining storytelling, extraordinary musicality (both in the gamelan and vocals), deep philosophical messages, current political commentary, and bawdy humor. It is one of the most complete art forms, with everything in the hands of the dhalang.