What are the three major traditions of Philippine art?

Lesson 1Art in the PhilippinesThe development of Philippine Art comes in three major traditions:-Ethnic Tradition-Spanish Colonial Tradition-American Colonial and Contemporary TraditionsEthnic TraditionBefore Colonization, the Philippines already has its indigenous art.

What are the 3 Philippine contemporary art forms?

Name 3 contemporary art forms from the different regions in the Philippines.

  • All of the answers.
  • Music.
  • Literature.
  • Sculpture.
  • Architecture.
  • Painting.

What are the traditions of the Filipino?

5 Filipino Traditions: Four-Month Christmas, Competitive Karaoke, Bayanihan, and More

  • Competitive Karaoke.
  • Bayanihan. Bayanihan.
  • Fiestas. Fiestas.
  • Four-month Christmas. Four-month Christmas.
  • Filipinos love to eat. . . and drink! Filipinos love to eat. . . and drink!

What are the traditional art forms in your country?

This Blog Includes:

  • Folk and Tribal Art.
  • Madhubani Paintings.
  • Pattachitra.
  • Mysore Painting.
  • Tanjore Paintings.
  • Rajput Painting.
  • Warli Painting.
  • Gond Painting.