What did Henri Rousseau die of?

In spite of his popularity among his fellow artists, Rousseau continued to be seen as a figure of amusement in the art world, and lived in poverty for the rest of his life. He died in 1910, suffering from an infected leg wound and despondent over the rejection of his romantic overtures by Leonie, a shop assistant.

Where did Henri Rousseau die?

Henri Rousseau, byname le Douanier (French: “the Customs Officer”), (born May 21, 1844, Laval, France—died Sept. 2, 1910, Paris), French painter who is considered the archetype of the modern naive artist.

When did Henri Rousseau die?

Rousseau died on September 2, 1910, in Paris. The same year an exhibition of his work in the collection of Max Weber took place at Alfred Stieglitz’s gallery “291” in New York.

Was Henri Rousseau a Freemason?

These two pictures, which provoked inordinate laughter, are testimony to Rousseau’s republican views. He is also said to have been a freemason, a pacifist and – like many an urban petit bourgeois – an adherent of revolutionary movements.