What did the federal Theatre project do?

The Federal Theatre Project (FTP) provided Depression-era families with inexpensive entertainment and out-of-work directors, actors, and writers with employment. It was established in August 1935 as one of five Federal One projects of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which arose out of the New Deal.

What did the federal Theatre project accomplish?

During its eight-year existence, the WPA put some 8.5 million people to work (over 11 million were unemployed in 1934) at a cost to the federal government of approximately $11 billion.

Was the federal Theatre project successful?

Although The Federal Theatre project consumed only 0.5% of the allocated budget from the WPA and was widely considered a commercial and critical success, the project became a source of heated political contention.

What was the Federal theater Project a product of?

the Works Progress Administration

The Federal Theatre Project (FTP) was a New Deal initiative that was spawned by hard times. Part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the Federal Theatre Project democratized modern American culture, signaling a distinct openness to new formats and ideas.

What was the federal Theatre project quizlet?

•1935: FDR creates “Works Progress Administration” to fund public projects and create employment. -designed to employ people and get things done that need to get done to make everyone’s lives better. The Federal Theatre Project. •Created in 1935 as part of WPA.

Why was the federal Theatre project controversial?

Federal Theatre Project productions were branded as propaganda for Communism. Flanagan responded that they were in fact propaganda for democracy since they utilized constitutional freedoms to point out America’s most pressing problems (Bentley).

What are the four parts of the federal Theatre project?

The W. P. A., or Works Progress Administration, was started in 1935 to give jobs to unemployed people in their areas of skill; this was also headed by Harry Hopkins. There were four arts projects formed for white-collar workers: Art, Music, Writers, and Theatre.

Why did the Federal Writers project end?

In 1939, Alsberg was fired, federal funding was cut, and the project fell under state sponsorship led by John D. Newsom. The FWP ended completely in 1943.

When did the federal theater project end?

June 30, 1939

(Funding for the Historical Records Survey component of Federal Project Number One came at a somewhat later date, initially November 16, 1935 through Presidential Letter No. 1090.) FTP came to an end on June 30, 1939 when its funding was terminated.