What do the stones represent in Eurydice?

In the Underworld, three Stones—Little Stone, Big Stone, and Loud Stone—the obnoxious bureaucratic guardians of the land of the dead, explain that Eurydice has died, and that, as a dead person, she will lose her memory and all power of language.

What does water symbolize in Eurydice?

Playwright Sarah Ruhl centralizes Eurydice herself and her experience in the Underworld, bringing forth the connections between grief, water, and memory. A truism about water: one can never step into the same river, experience, love, or loss the same way twice.

What is the meaning of the play Eurydice?

Eurydice explores the universal truths within the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice as retold by twenty-first century playwright Sarah Ruhl. Despite the sadness of the classical myth, the contemporary adaptation lends a sense of wonder and hope to the deeper themes of death, love, and loss.

What was Eurydice goddess of?

Character Overview. In Greek mythology , Eurydice was a dryad, a nymph (female nature spirit) associated with trees, who became the bride of Orpheus (pronounced OR-fee-uhs), a hero legendary for his musical skills.

What is the message of the myth Orpheus and Eurydice?

Music is powerful and in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice his music is the reason for passing through the gates of Hades, whereas Porphyro wakes up Madeline by singing to her. The myth is the original tragic love story and the power of music is the main theme throughout it.

Who is the Nasty Interesting Man in Eurydice?

Tempted away from her wedding party by the Nasty Interesting Man (Alistair A. Debling ’16), Eurydice realizes too late that he wants to rape her and falls to her death while attempting to flee. From there, she is transported to the underworld and forced to shed all memory of her previous life.