What does being a Zeta mean?

Zeta is a letter of the Greek alphabet. As a letter, zeta is popularly encountered in the names of fraternities and sororities. Zeta is also popularly associated with a famous alien abduction story. In men’s rights lingo, zeta refers to a man who refuses to have their masculinity defined by or in terms of women.

What does zeta mean in the Bible?


Name Zeta
Meaning Born Last, Olive, Little, Rose
Gender Girl
Numerology 7

What celebrities are Zeta Phi?

List of Famous Singers Who Are Members of Zeta Phi Beta

  • Minnie Riperton.
  • Dionne Warwick.
  • Sarah Vaughan.
  • Grace Bumbry.
  • Syleena Johnson.
  • Lillian Evanti.
  • Towanda Braxton and Traci Braxton.