What does downstage left mean?

An actor who turns to his or her right is moving stage right, while an actor who turns to his or her left is moving stage left. The front of the stage, called downstage, is the end closest to the audience. The rear of the stage, called upstage, is behind the actor’s back, furthest from the audience.

What is downstage left?

Downstage Left is an Amsterdam-based international theatre company. We perform in English but we come from many backgrounds, cultures and languages. Roughly half of our performances are local-brew plays written in English in Amsterdam. We dish up original theatre in conventional and unconventional settings.

What do you mean by downstage?

Definition of downstage

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : toward or at the front of a theatrical stage. 2 : toward a motion-picture or television camera. downstage.

What part of the stage is considered downstage?

If a performer walks towards the front of the stage, approaching the audience, this area is referred to as downstage, and the opposite area of the stage further away from the audience is called upstage.

What is downstage used for?

When an actor is downstage or moves downstage, he or she is or moves towards the front part of the stage.

Where is downstage located?

Downstage: The area of the stage closest to the audience. Stage Left: The area of the stage to the performer’s left, when facing downstage (i.e. towards the audience). Stage Right: The area of the stage to the performer’s right, when facing downstage (i.e. towards the audience).

Which is better stage left or stage right?

The problem of this study was to test the hypothesis: The attention-value of the stage right area is stronger than that of the stage left area. Attention-value was defined as a quality which attracts the attention of the audience. Strength referred to the relative amounts of attention-value.

What is the stage left?

Definition of stage left

: the left part of a stage from the viewpoint of one who faces the audience.

What does downstage mean in dance?

Downstage – used to describe location on a stage. When looking out into the audience from the stage, downstage is used to refer to the front half of the stage, closest to the audience.