What does ill considered action mean?

Unwise; foolishsure to result in disaster.

What is an ill-considered action?

Unwise; foolish: ill-considered actions sure to result in disaster.

What does the word ill-considered meaning?

not showing careful thought

Definition of ill-considered
: not showing careful thought an ill-considered decision.

What is an ill-considered duel?

If you describe something that someone says or does as ill-considered, you mean that it is not sensible or not appropriate. He made some ill-considered remarks about the cost. Synonyms: unwise, rash, imprudent, careless More Synonyms of ill-considered. Synonyms of. ‘ill-considered’

Is ill-considered an adjective?

ill–considered (adjective)

What is ill planned?

badly planned

: badly planned : not showing good judgment an ill-conceived attempt to save money.