What does ZTA stand for?

ZTA. Zero Time Average. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

What do you mean by ZTA?

ZTA. Zero Time Average. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

What is ZTA patron goddess?

Our Patron Goddess is Themis. Themis is also the name of our national magazine which every initiated member receives quarterly. Zeta Tau Alpha is known as a fraternity, not as a sorority.

What are the three entities of ZTA?

Continuing inclusive leadership from our three entities: Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation, and the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity Housing Corporation.

Is ZTA a fraternity?

“Although we were chartered by the legislature of Virginia as the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, we shall henceforth be known as the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, thus distinguishing ourselves from the sisterhoods organized in connection with men’s fraternities, called sororities.”

How do you get into ZTA?

In order to join a sorority, potential new members must go through a recruitment process. Recruitment is a mutual selection process in which collegians determine the sororities that best fit them, and those groups determine which women they will ask to join.

Why is Zeta Tau Alpha called a fraternity?

As noted, Zeta Tau Alpha technically calls itself a women’s fraternity, not a sorority, indicating a pride that it was founded by women independently, not as an offshoot of or counterpart to a male fraternity.

What do the 5 points of the ZTA crown mean?

Symbol: Five-Pointed Crown and Strawberry

The five-pointed crown is an official symbol of the Fraternity. The significance of the five points is revealed to each member upon her Initiation. Many examples of crown artwork can be found within ZTA, and all are acceptable as long as the crown contains exactly five points.

What are ZTA colors?

The colors of Zeta Tau Alpha are turquoise blue and steel gray. The significance of these colors is explained in the Initiation Service.

What was ZTA original name?

Zeta Tau Alpha (known as ΖΤΑ or Zeta) is an international women’s fraternity founded on October 15, 1898 at the State Female Normal School (now Longwood University) in Farmville, Virginia.

Zeta Tau Alpha
Chapters 174 active collegiate chapters and 233 alumnae chapters
Members 280,000 lifetime
Nickname Zeta

What is ZLAM sorority?

Fun fact: you may have heard the word “zlam” used by a Zeta before, but it’s meaning runs deeper than most people know. It stands for “Zeta love and mine”. Meaning that when you say it to your sister you are expressing love in two ways: 1) from the Zeta sisterhood as a whole 2) From you as a person and an individual.

Is Zeta Tau Alpha A top sorority?

Zeta itself is usually considered to be a “middle tier” sorority where the sisters tend to care more about social issues than about forming cliques. This reputation was part of what drew Buonomo to the chapter, and helped her realize it was the kind of community she’d been looking for.

What is Zeta Tau Alpha reputation?

Zeta Tau Alpha

Many other sororities say they are “hot in a fake way,” with heavy use of makeup and a bit of a princess complex. Although Zetas are often committed to philanthropy and successful fundraisers, they have a reputation for only accepting white girls.