What gods does Medea call upon and why does she call to these?

Medea calls on the goddess, Hecate, mistress of the underworld and the patroness of black magic, to serve as her accomplice in this mission. She also vows to restore honor to her lineage (Hyperion, the Sun-god, was her grandfather) and shame Jason’s own tribe, which descends from Sisyphus.

What god does Medea worship?

goddess Hecate

Medea is known in most stories as a sorceress and is often depicted as a priestess of the goddess Hecate.

Which god is Medea’s grandfather?

grandfather Helius

Medea’s grandfather Helius, the god of the sun, saved her. Medea climbed into his winged chariot and escaped. Jason was left behind, brideless and childless. Medea fled to Athens.