What is a combine in art?

“Combine” is a term Rauschenberg invented to describe a series of works that combine aspects of painting and sculpture. Virtually eliminating all distinctions between these artistic categories, the Combines either hang on the wall or are freestanding.

What is hybrid in art?

Hybrid art is a contemporary art movement in which artists work with frontier areas of science and emerging technologies.

What artist coined the term combine?

Term coined by Jasper Johns to describe a body of work by Robert Rauschenberg consisting of three-dimensional objects integrated into paintings.

What are the categories of Combined arts?

Combined arts is where different artforms interact and create something new and exciting across outdoor arts, carnival, festivals, spectacle, interdisciplinary work, live art and participatory and social art practice.

What is combined or hybrid art?

It is when two or more independently-developed artistic activities are joined in some combined form. One should be able to recognize that a hybrid art form has a time of creation, and that it has integral components that had separate existences in culture before that birthing.

What is an artist creating when he or she combines several elements of an original artwork?

Collages are art pieces you make by combining various materials, like paper, cloth, newspaper clippings, and everyday objects to create unique artwork.