What is a Zeta woman?

Being a Zeta Lady mean that God is the center of her life. Her body is the housing of the hold spirit. A Zeta Lady is love, for she is able to generate and receive love. She is peaceful, kind, and understanding. Being a Zeta Lady means giving of herself to others, asking for nothing in return.

What does being a zeta mean?

In men’s rights lingo, zeta refers to a man who refuses to have their masculinity defined by or in terms of women.

What does it take to be a zeta?

Must have earned at least twelve (12) Credit Hours at the college or university where membership is being sought. All undergraduate members are required to maintain a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale grade point average after membership intake into the Sorority.

What celebrity is a zeta?

List of Famous Singers Who Are Members of Zeta Phi Beta

  • Minnie Riperton.
  • Dionne Warwick.
  • Sarah Vaughan.
  • Grace Bumbry.
  • Syleena Johnson.
  • Lillian Evanti.
  • Towanda Braxton and Traci Braxton.

What does finer womanhood mean to you?

Finer womanhood is defined as “the distinguishing characteristics of a woman — one superior in kind, quality or appearance, marked by or affecting elegance or refinement.”

What does zeta mean in the Bible?


Name Zeta
Meaning Born Last, Olive, Little, Rose
Gender Girl
Numerology 7

What is zeta reputation?

Zeta itself is usually considered to be a “middle tier” sorority where the sisters tend to care more about social issues than about forming cliques. This reputation was part of what drew Buonomo to the chapter, and helped her realize it was the kind of community she’d been looking for.

What is a Delta woman?

Delta Sigma Theta, or Delta, is a predominately Black sorority founded in 1913 at Howard University. Founded by 22 collegiate Black women, the organization’s goals were to “promote academic excellence and provide assistance to those in need,” according to their website.

Is Janelle Monae a Zeta?

Now from the jump you can tell that she is paying homage to Zeta Phi Beta; her sorority in this alternate universe is “Electro Phi Beta”.