What is Creon saying in his speech about money?

What does Creon say in his speech about money and what does it say about his character?

What is Creon saying in his speech about money (Lines 341-366)? He believes that the only reason people would break a law is for money and therefore nothing is more powerful than money.

What is Creon’s opinion of Money?

In Creon’s opinion, money is evil, the roots of all sins.

What does Creon say in his speech about?

Creon proves his devotion in his speech by stating,”No one values friendship more highly than I; but we must remember that friends made at the risk of wrecking our ship are not real friends at all.” He is referring to Polyneices and how he betrayed his people.

What does Creon do in his first speech?

According to his first speech, what does Creon value above friendship? Creon claims to care more about public welfare than anything. In other words, anything done to endanger the kingdom will be punished regardless to the culprit’s relation to the king.

What does Creon realize at the end of Antigone?

By the time Creon finally realized that it was the gods who held the highest power, it was too late. Creon also states that his son is like a slave to Antigone and mocks his son for not respecting his power. This causes Haemon to rush off, dejected, and later causes him to commit suicide.