What is Curley’s role on the ranch?

Curley is a very aggressive and violent character. He is the Boss’s son and takes advantage of the power that he has over the other men on the ranch to treat them cruelly and pick fights.

Who is Curley who is he to the farm ranch?

Curley is the aggressive, short-statured son of the ranch owner. He struts around the farm authoritatively and is rumored to be a former Golden Gloves boxer. Curley constantly picks fights, especially with Lennie; one such fight leads to Lennie crushing Curley’s hand.

Is Curley’s wife respected on the ranch?

Curley’s Wife Victim Analysis

Furthermore, unlike Lady Macbeth, Curley’s wife has no power over her husband instead she is scared of him. Curley’s wife is not respected by the men on the ranch and is considered to be someone who creates trouble.

What is Curley’s wife position on the ranch?

Curley’s wife is depicted as a manipulator and a temptress throughout Of Mice and Men. She is usually described as Curley’s possession and is frequently objectified by the ranch hands. However, right before and after her death, we see a softer woman who was a dreamer, and still retained her innocence.

What is Candy’s job on the ranch in Of Mice and Men?

Candy is an old ranchworker who has lost a hand in a work accident and now works as a swamper , or cleaner, on the ranch.

Who is Curley?

Curley is the antagonist, or the character who stands in opposition to the protagonist (usually the main character), in Of Mice and Men. He is the son of the boss of the ranch and is always stirring up trouble for everyone, particularly the main characters, George and Lennie.

What is the significance of Curley’s name?

Curley: Curley literally has curly hair. The meaning of the Old English name Curley is strong man. Steinbeck ironically chose the name Curley because Curley is strong in the ring but weak when it comes to Lennie. Whit: The name Whit means white or a small part.

Is Curley’s wife a victim or a villain?

Curley’s wife’s status as a victim is reinforced through her revelations about her earlier life and her disclosure that she is lonely. She tells Lennie that before she married Curley she was cruelly misled by a man from ‘the pitchers’, who persuaded her to go out with him by promising to make her a star.

What does Curley’s wife symbolize?

Curley’s wife perfectly represents the “average woman” in America in the 1930s. She would like to depend less on her husband, she has a fantasy of becoming a renowned actress and she feels secluded and miserable.