What is the basic meaning of Ode 3?

What is the meaning of ode 3 in Antigone?

In this ode, Sophocles introduces the theme of romantic love — a concept new to the Oedipus Trilogy. Reflecting on the conversation between Creon and Haemon, the chorus comes to the conclusion that love is the cause of their conflict. Haemon has not appealed to his father as a bridegroom for the life of his bride.

What happens in ode 3 of Oedipus Rex?

Oedipus Rex- Scene 3/Ode 3. Summary: Iokaste gives a sacrifice to Apollo. A messenger then comes in and tells her how Oedipus’s father, Polybus, has died. Oedipus is then very happy because the man he feared he would kill has now died of natural causes.

What is the subject of the third ode?

What is the subject of the third choral ode? This is a hymn to religious faith and a warning against pride and blasphemy.

What does the chorus comment on in ode 3 Antigone?

In the third choral ode the Chorus sings of the hazards of love. This is a comment on the previous scene where Haimon begs for the life of his beloved Antigone.

What happened in Scene 3 of Antigone?

The third scene of Sophocles’ Antigone opens with Haimon assuring his father of his loyalty. Creon is quite pleased. He tells Haimon that he would become extremely unhappy if he married Antigone.