What is the chorus in Medea?

The chorus, composed of Corinthian women, turns towards the house and addresses Medea. They try to reason with Medea and convince her that suicide would be an overreaction. The fickleness of a husband’s love is an ordinary occurrence; rather than merit self-torment, it should be dealt with and forgotten.

What does the chorus mean at the end of Medea?

Perhaps they represent the large number of women that are put upon, but don’t have the will for revolt. They could be seen as living vicariously through Medea. Perhaps she serves as an outlet for their repressed rage.

How many chorus are in Medea?

fifteen Corinthian women

Medea draws on deceit and artistry to conceal her plans from the actors in the drama; however, a group of fifteen Corinthian women, the play’s chorus, are aware of Medea’s murderous intentions.

Why is the chorus important?

The chorus speaks directly to the audience and may not interact with the main characters of a story at all. Their purpose is to underscore the moral themes, actions, character development, and messages of a story to the audience. The Greek chorus was prevalent in classical Greek drama of the 5th century BCE.

What promise does Medea extract from the chorus?

She makes him promise not to hand her over to her enemies if they come looking for her.

What warning does the chorus give to Medea?

The chorus, which had been entirely sympathetic with Medea’s decisions, now warns her against violating the laws of human existence through her planned infanticide.

Why is the chorus important in Medea?

‘ The Chorus is used as an instrument to help the audience to understand and feel Medea’s suffering, and so from this early point in the play, a sympathy is established for Medea because of her tragic circumstances.

How does the chorus change in Medea?

The chorus becomes more resolute and has misgivings

After Aegeus’s discussion with Medea, she finalises her plan. It is after his visit, that the chorus learns of Medea’s plans to murder her children.