What is the Grotowski technique?

Grotowski students are trained to use their bodies and voices so that the entirety of a text can be relayed using just movements and nonverbal sounds. The technique prioritizes physical and mental health—for the performer’s well-being, but also the sake of the performance.

What was Grotowski method?

In his method, Grotowski experienced the so-called “physiological resonators”. He asked the actors to bring out the voice from their back and their necks and from their limbs. Then, in order to stimulate the voice, he asked them to choose a text and to play, sing and shout it (Richards, 1995).

What is Grotowski known for?

Jerzy Grotowski was a theatre director, educator and creator of acting methods. He was born in 1933 in Rzeszów in Poland and died in 1999 in Pontedera, Italy. He is considered to have been one of the great reformers of 20th century theatre. He was known for his intense actor training in Poland in the 1960s and 1970s.

How does Grotowski define theatre?

The Polish director Jerzy Grotowski defines his theory of “poor theatre”: the Theatre that values the body of the actor and its relation with the spectator and does away with costumes, decor and music. The interview is punctuated with extracts from a rehearsal of the show Evangile.

What were Bertolt Brecht techniques?

Brechtian techniques as a stimulus for devised work

  • The narration needs to be told in a montage style.
  • Techniques to break down the fourth wall, making the audience directly conscious of the fact that they are watching a play.
  • Use of a narrator. …
  • Use of songs or music. …
  • Use of technology. …
  • Use of signs.

Who did Grotowski influence?

Jerzy Grotowski, who has died aged 65, was without doubt one of the great innovators and seminal influences of the modern theatre, on the scale of Stanislavsky, Gordon Craig, Artaud or Appia, an eccentric genius who managed to emerge from the restrictive world behind the Iron Curtain into the full glare of world fame.

Where can I study Grotowski?


The Grotowski Institute in Wrocław (Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego) is the development of the “Centre for Study of Jerzy Grotowski’s Work and for Cultural and Theatrical Research” (A.K.A. the Grotowski Centre), on was transformed into the Grotowski Institute.

What did Grotowski write?

Apocalypsis Cum Figuris, which alongside Akropolis and The Constant Prince, became the most famous of Grotowski’s productions throughout the world and was ultimately realized in three different versions: the first in 1968, followed by subsequent versions in 1971 and 1973.

What techniques did Stanislavski use?

Physical Action: Stanislavsky taught that actors must build a character’s behavior through specific, concrete, performable actions. The best actions are achievable on the stage, within the world of the play. Communion: Believable action in the play must be directed to the other actors on stage, not the audience.