What is the meaning of snow maiden?

The Snow Maiden is a character in Russian folktales. She is very beautiful and often depicted with snow white skin, deep sky-blue eyes and curly fair hair. She is known as ‘Snegurochka’ in Russian – ‘sneg’ being the Russian word for snow. She is the daughter of the immortal Gods, Father Frost and Mother Spring.

What is the story Snow Maiden about?

The Snow Maiden is a teenage girl with a heart of ice whose very existence offends the Sun-God. Only when she learns to love, as her heart melts, will the Sun-God be appeased and so bring about the arrival of summer.

What is the moral of the Snow Maiden?

Once the grandparents left the house and the Snow Maiden went outside to shoot the fireworks with other children and jump over the fire. Then she jumped straight into the fire and melted right away. The moral of the story is that the children should not play with fire and fireworks to be safe.

What is a Russian Snow Maiden?

Snegurochka or the Snowmaiden is, in modern Russian tradition, the granddaughter of Grandfather Frost, the equivalent of Father Christmas. She helps Grandfather Frost bring gifts to the children at Russian Christmas. She is also the central figure in at least two folktales.

What does the Snow Maiden look like?

She had the most lovely white skin, just like snow; her eyes were like forget-me-nots, her lips and cheeks like roses; in fact, she was the very picture of health and beauty; with her lovely golden hair hanging down her back, she looked just like a girl of seventeen, though she was only a few days old.

What is Snegurochka role?

Snegurochka, the Snow Maiden, is a popular seasonal figure in Russian culture. In her most recognizable form, she is Ded Moroz’s granddaughter and companion as he delivers gifts to good children in celebration of the New Year.

What happens to Snegurochka at the end of the Rimsky Korsakov’s opera?

To the astonishment of the people, she melts.

What fairytale is the snow child based on?


The Snow Child is based on a Russian fairy tale, Snegurochka.