What is the story of the Firebird ballet?

The Firebird ballet tells the story of Prince Ivan who defeats the evil Kastchei with the help of the Firebird, who offers one of her enchanted feathers to Prince Ivan after he spares her life while hunting in the forest.

Who created The Firebird ballet?

composer Igor Stravinsky

The Firebird, ballet by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, first performed in Paris on June 25, 1910. It was the first international success of the composer’s career.

What is the brief story of The Rite of Spring?

The concept behind The Rite of Spring, developed by Roerich from Stravinsky’s outline idea, is suggested by its subtitle, “Pictures of Pagan Russia in Two Parts”; the scenario depicts various primitive rituals celebrating the advent of spring, after which a young girl is chosen as a sacrificial victim and dances

What style is The Firebird ballet?

The melodies of The Firebird are influenced by Russian folk songs. The ballet is a succession of five dances. The movement, Berceuse (or Lullaby) and Finale is the last dance.

What is the harmony of Firebird?

The firebird’s music employs harmonies similar to those of the dark opening music, but faster and orchestrated in brilliant, flaming colors. She is after all, like Kashchey, a supernatural being. The firebird is pursued by Prince Ivan, who catches her. Moved by her beauty, he allows her to go free.

Why was Rite of Spring so controversial?

At the premiere of the ballet in 1913, a riot began amongst members of the audience. Historians believe that it was the choreography created by dancer Vaclav Nijinsky that provoked the majority of controversy rather than Stravinsky’s score.