What is the supreme governing body of Tri Sigma?

Convention ConventionConvention. Convention is the supreme governing body of the Sorority.

What is Tri Sigma known for?

Check out Tri Sigma! Tri Sigma, also known as Sigma Sigma Sigma, is a National American women’s sorority that provides scholarship, programming, social, and service activities.

How many founders does Tri Sigma have?

Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded by a group of eight women on April 20, 1898 in Farmville, Virginia. Margaret Lee Batten, Louise Marie Davis, Martha Trent Featherston, Isabella Merrick, Sallie Jackson Michie, Lelia Scott, Elizabeth Watkins and Lucy Wright set out to establish a sisterhood based on the bond of friendship.

What is the name for initiation in Tri Sigma?

A woman is considered a new member after going through the first of three ritual ceremonies, called Arc Degree. During Arc Degree, the date of initiation is announced. The new member program culminates with the second ritual ceremony, or Triangle Degree.

What sorority is ek?

Sigma Kappa

Sigma Kappa
Founded November 9, 1874 Colby College, (Waterville, Maine)
Type Social
Affiliation NPC
Scope National

How many chapters does Tri Sigma have?

Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority has 111 active chapters. Active chapters noted in bold, inactive chapters noted in italics. Chapters listed in order of founding.

What is the Robbie Page Memorial Fund?

To honor Robbie Tri Sigma members established the Robbie Page Memorial Fund (RPM) to fund polio research projects, including the Salk vaccine trials, and in 1954 the Robbie Page Memorial Fund became the official philanthropy of Tri Sigma.