What is the theme of El Cid?

The key theme of the poem is valor, primarily because this is the key trait of El Cid, the trait that earns him his name, and the trait that is not in his enemies within the King’s court.

What type of literature is El Cid?


The work that consecrated El Cid as a literary myth is the Poema de mio Cid, placed at the top of the historical canon of Spanish literature. The charisma of its hero has made the legend of El Cid one of the most important epic cycles of the Middle Ages, and one of the great myths of universal literature.

What does El Cid mean in English?

the lord

Fighting with both Christian and Muslim armies during his lifetime, he earned the Arabic honorific al-sīd, which would evolve into El Cid (“the lord“), and the Spanish moniker El Campeador (“the champion”).