What is Xiaosheng in Peking Opera?

Xiaosheng is a handsome young male with no beard in Peking Opera roles. The roles sings in a high-pitched and shrill voice, with sudden breaks from his high-pitched voice to represent the voice changing period of adolescence.

What is the meaning of red color on makeup in Peking opera?


In general, red stands for loyalty, white for treachery, black for integrity and intrepidity, purple for firmness and steadiness, yellow for ferocity, blue for bravery, green for grumpiness, gold for immortals, silver for monsters, and so on.

What is the meaning of yellow in Peking Opera?


Later, other colors were gradually incorporated, such as purple — the symbol of solemnity, serenity and a sense of justice; yellow, representing intelligence and calculation or bravery when used in warrior roles; blue shows uprightness and stubbornness; green indicates bravery and irascibility; and gold and silver are …

What color represents fierceness?


Black symbolizes roughness and fierceness. It indicates a rough and bold character or an impartial and selfless personality.