What language does puppet use?

RubyRuby and uses its unique Domain Specific Language (DSL) to describe system configuration.

What language are Puppet modules written in?


Contains custom facts, written in Ruby. Contains custom functions, resource types, and resource providers: puppet/functions/ : Contains functions written in Ruby for the modern Puppet::Functions API.

What is Puppet code?

Puppet code is made up mostly of resource declarations. A resource describes a specific element about the system’s desired state. For example, it can include that a specific file should exist or a package should be installed. A Puppet program, called a manifest, has a file name that uses the “. pp” extension.

What is Puppet in Python?

Puppet is an open source configuration man- agement tool developed by Puppet Labs, a Portland-based automation startup. The Puppet software pulls its configuration from code written in a Ruby DSL, which makes Puppet extremely configurable and pluggable.

What protocol does Puppet use?

Puppet Encryption and Communication Methods

Puppet interfaces with the OpenSSL toolkit, which is based on SSL and the Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic protocol. Puppet uses standard SSL/TLS encryption technology and standard SSL certificates for agent and master authentication and verification.

Is Puppet hard to learn?

Reason 3 – Puppet is simple to learn and implement.

Puppet’s language is considered by many to be easy to learn when compared to Chef, which relies on existing Ruby knowledge. With the right training, you can be implementing Puppet in a matter of days.