What materials are used for pop art?

Hot dogs and hamburgers, soda-pop bottles, billboards, soup cans, comic strips, commercial cartons, money, shipping labels, signs; these represent the source material for Pop Art.” Representation is another major aspect of Pop art.

How do you make pop art paper?

Quote from video: So I'm going to do is cut this blue piece of paper into some thin strips. And some thicker strips and lay them on the background which will be overlapped with a little speech bubble. Patterns.

How do I paint like Warhol?

Quote from video: So what I'm doing is mixing Apollo photo emulsion adding a sensitizer to the emulsion which turns it into a photographic emulsion that we can coat onto a screen that then becomes light-sensitive.

How do you make Andy Warhol Pop art?

Quote from video: I will be showing you guys how to do this which is a multiple portrait inspired by Andy Warhol's 4 part what you need is a picture or photo.