What techniques did surrealist artists use?

Surrealist Photography Artists such as Man Ray and Maurice Tabard used the medium to explore automatic writing, using techniques such as double exposure, combination printing, montage, and solarization, the latter of which eschewed the camera altogether.

What are the 3 surrealist writing techniques?

Surrealist Techniques Applied to Creative Writing

  • Aerography: a 3-dimensional object is used as a stencil.
  • Automatic writing / Automatic poetry: suppress conscious control over the creative process, let the unconscious mind have control.
  • Bulletism: shooting ink at a blank piece of paper.

What are the 5 characteristics of surrealist art?

Features of Surrealistic Art

  • Dream-like scenes and symbolic images.
  • Unexpected, illogical juxtapositions.
  • Bizarre assemblages of ordinary objects.
  • Automatism and a spirit of spontaneity.
  • Games and techniques to create random effects.
  • Personal iconography.
  • Visual puns.
  • Distorted figures and biomorphic shapes.