What was the William Tell overture written for?

The overture was designed to present the day in the life of a Switzerland in revolt. The prelude, named “Dawn,” starts with a slow, solo passage for the cello. As the piece accelerates, it moves into the second part, “Storm,” with the entire orchestra now fully present.

When was William Tell Overture written?


It was composed by Italian Gioachino Rossini for the opera Guillaume Tell in 1829. He was 38 at the time.

What does overture mean in music?

the orchestral introduction to

overture, musical composition, usually the orchestral introduction to a musical work (often dramatic), but also an independent instrumental work. Early operas opened with a sung prologue or a short instrumental flourish, such as the trumpet “Toccata” that opens Claudio Monteverdi’s Orfeo (1607).