When did Delaunay die?

When did Sonia Delaunay?

Sonia Delaunay (13 November 1885 – 5 December 1979) was a Ukrainian-born French artist, who spent most of her working life in Paris.

Sonia Delaunay
Born Sarah Elievna Shtern13 November 1885 Odessa, Russian Empire
Died 5 December 1979 (aged 94) Paris, France
Nationality Russian, French

What languages did Sonia Delaunay speak?

She had a governess who taught her French, German, and English.

  • She Attended Art Schools in Germany and France.
  • She Was Also a Fashion Designer.
  • She Designed Cars.
  • Sonia Delaunay Had a Retrospective at the Louvre.

How many paintings does Sonia Delaunay?

429 Artworks

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