Where does the play Sweat take place?

Reading, Pennsylvaniaa fictional bar in Reading, Pennsylvania. Nottage shifts in time, switching scenes and showing events of eight years earlier.

What time period does the play Sweat take place?

“Set in a bar in blue-collar Reading, Pennsylvania (one of the poorest cities in the country), Sweat moves back and forth between as it charts the achievements and defeats of residents whose lives depend upon the fortunes of a local factory.”

What time period does Sweat by Lynn Nottage take place?

Synopsis. It’s the year 2000 in Reading, Pennsylvania and a group of friends go to work at the steel mill and then decompress at the bar like they’ve been doing for over 20 years. But, unbeknownst to them, their lives are about to be uprooted.

Where is Oscar from in the play Sweat?

Reading, Pennsylvania

Oscar is a young Colombian American man; he’s the busboy at the bar in Reading, Pennsylvania, where most of the play’s scenes takes place. In 2000, as the only Latinx character in the story, 22-year-old Oscar is viewed as an outsider and ignored by the white customers who frequent the bar.

What is the theme of the play Sweat?

‘Sweat’ explores themes of race, gender, ethnicity, class, and labor relations in a deeply human way.

Who is the main character in Sweat?

Delia is the protagonist and main character of “Sweat.” A hardworking middle-aged black woman, she makes her living washing other people’s clothes. Delia is married to the lazy and abusive Sykes.

What is the genre of the play Sweat?


Drama; Family Drama
Of course, drama also comes from actions and events in “Sweat,” like when Delia notices the soap box Sykes brings home and which holds her worst nightmare: a rattlesnake.

What is the inciting incident in the play Sweat?

The inciting incident of much of the drama is the decision by management of the local steel mill to move operations to Mexico and play hardball with its employees (demanding severe cuts to pay and pensions, a lock-out when they refuse).

What is the name of the bar in Sweat?

The unnamed Reading, Pennsylvania, bar in which most of Sweat’s scenes take place symbolizes the disillusionment that the play’s working-class characters experience and the escapism they seek out as a result.