Who inherited Cole Porter’s money?

He spent the remaining years of his life in seclusion with his long-time companion, Ray Kelly, whose children still receive half of Porter’s royalties. He died of kidney failure on October 15, 1964. He was 73.

What happened to Cole Porters estate?

His family’s reaction was mixed. Cole’s irate grandfather cut Cole out of his will. Cole’s mother, on the other hand, bequeathed half of her $4 million inheritance to her son. In 1916, Porter saw his first Broadway musical, “See America First,” open and close within 14 days.

Was Cole Porter white or black?

My father was African-American; my mother was white,” Cowart tells NPR’s Melissa Block.

Where is Cole Porter’s wife Linda buried?

Mount Hope Cemetery

She left an estate of over $1.5 million (over $15.1 million today) in which Cole inherited a lifetime interest. Her jewelry collection included pieces by Paul Flato. She was buried in the Porter family plot at Mount Hope Cemetery in Peru, Indiana.

Who is Margaret Cole Richards?

She wrote several detective stories jointly with her husband, G. D. H. Cole. She went on to hold important posts in London government after the Second World War.
Margaret Cole.

Dame Margaret Cole DBE
Born Margaret Isabel Postgate 6 May 1893 United Kingdom
Died 7 May 1980 (aged 87) United Kingdom
Occupation Writer, politician

Who did Gershwin marry?

The story goes that in the 1950s, a radio disk jockey, when playing a piece written by the Gershwin brothers, attributed the song to “George Gershwin and his lovely wife, Ira.” (George, aside from not having ever married his brother, was in fact a bachelor his entire life.)

Did Frank Sinatra know Cole Porter?

Although Porter’s biographer Robert Kimball recently assured an audience that Porter had admired Sinatra and befriended him—his slightly dubious evidence being that Sinatra took over Porter’s apartment in the Waldorf after his death, in 1964—that doesn’t show up in the letters, and one wonders if Porter was even fully …