Who invented Bunraku?

The name Bunraku is derived from a puppet troupe founded by Uemura Bunrakuken early in the 19th century. The earliest form of Bunraku was introduced by Japanese storyteller Takemoto Gidaya in 1684 when he set up his own theatre in Osaka, Japan.

Who wrote bunraku?


Chikamatsu excelled as an author of both Kabuki and Bunraku plays, but today he is known for his Bunraku, the finest works of that theater. The instant success of his play Yotsugi Soga (The Soga Heir), written in 1683, established his fame.

Who created noh theatre?


Famous artists and innovators of Noh include two of its founders: Kan’ami (aka Kanze Kiyotsugu, 1333-1384 CE) and his son Zeami Motokiyo (aka Kanze Motokiyo, 1363-1443 CE), who were actors, directors and playwrights of the genre.