Who is considered a prominent dramatist of Restoration comedy?

The Way of the World, by William Congreve, was one of the later Restoration comedies, with its first performance in 1700. It tells the convoluted tale of Mirabell and Millamant and their attempts to secure Millamant’s inheritance from her mean aunt Lady Wishfort.

Who is the greatest of the dramatist of Restoration comedy?

William Congreve, The Way of the World.

The first of two plays on this list from 1700, The Way of the World is one of Congreve’s best-known plays, and one of the greatest Restoration comedies.

Who was a Restoration dramatist?

Original patent companies, 1660–1682

  • Charles II was an active and interested patron of drama. …
  • The Restoration dramatists renounced the tradition of satire recently embodied by Ben Jonson, devoting themselves to a comedy of manners that accepted the social code of the upper class uncritically.

Who is the father of Restoration comedy?

Restoration comedy, which was influenced by Ben Jonson‘s comedy of humours, made fun of affected wit and acquired follies of the time. The masterpieces of the genre were the plays of William Wycherley (The Country Wife, 1675) and William Congreve (The Way of the World, 1700).

Who is the most famous Restoration actor?

Many actors and actresses became famous during this time. Thomas Betterton was the era’s most famous actor.

Who of the following is a Restoration comedy writer?

William Wycherley, George Etherege, William Congreve, George Farquhar, and Aphra Behn created bawdy works of Restoration comedy with The Country Wife, The Man of Mode, The Way of the World, and The Rover.