Who is Sigurd’s uncle?

Gripir the Fortuneteller. Sigurd had an uncle (his mother’s brother) who could foretell the future. Sigurd asked him if he should attempt to kill the dragon Fafnir. “Do as you have promised,” advised Gripir, the uncle, “but first you must avenge the death of your own father.”

Who killed Sigurd the dragon slayer?

brother Guthorm

Brynhild then arranges to have Sigurd killed by Gunnar’s brother Guthorm. Guthorm stabs Sigurd in his sleep, but Sigurd is able to slice Guthorm in half by throwing his sword before dying. Guthorm has also killed Sigurd’s three-year-old son Sigmund.

Who killed Sigurd the Volsung?


When Volsung does so he is killed by Siggeir, and his sons are taken prisoner. While in captivity they are all killed by a wolf, apart from Sigmund who escapes into the forest. Signy sends Sigmund her two sons to help him in avenging their family, but Sigmund only accepts Sinfjotli, the hardier of the two.