Who is the real graffiti artist?

Born Darryl McCray, Cornbread is generally acknowledged to be the first modern graffiti artist, who got his start tagging in Philadelphia during the late 1960s.

Who is famous graffiti artist?


Banksy is arguably the most famous graffiti artist of all time and he’s broken more barriers for the art form than anyone else has. So at the number one spot, we have the most famous graffiti artist’s most famous graffiti artwork of all time – Balloon Girl.

Who was the original graffiti artist?

In 1965, Darryl “Cornbread” McCray, now widely considered the world’s first modern graffiti artist, was a 12-year-old troublemaker housed at Philadelphia’s Youth Development Center (YDC). As you may have guessed, McCray loved cornbread.

Are graffiti artists real artists?

Concept of Graffiti Art

In most cases, graffiti art is associated with vandalism and the damage to public property but it is in fact a true art form because of its unique elements. To begin with, graffiti art are colourful and they adopts a certain degree of colour combination which are original to the artist.

Who is the real Banksy the artist?

Robin Gunningham

Banksy is commonly believed to be Robin Gunningham, as first identified by The Mail on Sunday in 2008, born on 28 July 1973 in Yate, 12 miles (19 km) from Bristol.

Is Cornbread still alive?

Today, McCray works as a public speaker and youth advocate. He gives motivational talks about his youth as a tagger, his run-ins with the law, and his struggles with drugs. On August 04 2021 Darryl McCray aka Cornbread married Consuela Sanchez a long time friend of many years from Philadelphia.

Who is the best street artist?

Banksy. This London based street artist is undoubtedly the most famous in the world and is also one of the most secretive.

Who is a famous street artist?

1. Banksy, The Little Girl with the Balloon. He is the most famous street artist in the world. The anonymous Banksy has been creating works of art all over the world for more than 23 years.