Who played in the first Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet (1968 film)

Romeo and Juliet
Starring Leonard Whiting Olivia Hussey Milo O’Shea Michael York John McEnery Natasha Parry Pat Heywood Robert Stephens
Narrated by Laurence Olivier
Cinematography Pasqualino De Santis
Edited by Reginald Mills

Who did first in Romeo and Juliet?

There are no surviving records for any performances before the Restoration in 1660, but it is likely that Romeo and Juliet was first acted by the Lord Chamberlain’s Men at the Theatre and then at the Curtain. It has been suggested that Richard Burbage may have played Romeo, with the boy actor Robert Goffe as Juliet.

Was the original Juliet played by a man?

“Shakespeare wrote this part for a man. A boy played Juliet originally, and it’s widely believed that it was a boy that he was in love with, and that this was his love letter to this actor.

Who is Romeo’s first scene with?

Finally, this first scene also introduces us to Romeo the lover. But that introduction comes with a bit of a shock. In a play called Romeo and Juliet, we would expect the forlorn Romeo to be lovesick over Juliet. But instead, he is in love with Rosaline.

How old was Juliet?

13 years

The original title of the play was The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. In Shakespeare’s original story, Romeo is given the age of 16 years and Juliet is given the age of 13 years.